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Newsletter Fall 2022

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The Myths of Abortion and What You Should Know

There are many myths surrounding abortion after the June 24th Dobbs decision. Find out the myth and the truth by clicking here

Illinois Schools Forced to Teach Comprehensive Sex?

Click here to read about public schools teaching sex ed from Kindergarten to 12th grade and how Choices is providing a LIFE affirming alternative! 

Roe Overturned???

What does that mean? Read more here: Dobbs in Plain English

As for Illinois, nothing changes with Roe being overturned. Illinois government would like Illinois to become "the most progressive abortion capitol". Current Illinois laws state that any female, regardless of age (including minors) can receive an abortion at any stage in pregnancy (up to birth). Choices Pregnancy & Health values life from conception to natural death. Roe being overturned means... our mission stays the same! Choices continues to provide emotional, physical and spiritual support to women, men and families who are experiencing the trauma of an unplanned pregnancy. We offer acceptance, compassion, accurate information and practical assistance. By meeting needs at a critical time, we have the opportunity to share Jesus Christ's unconditional love. 

Newsletter Summer 2022

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