What is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday?

President Ronald Reagan issued a decree that the 3rd Sunday in January be celebrated as “National Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday. Since then, it has been celebrated, throughout the Christian community, to honor and remember that ALL life is sacred to the Father. Each year Choices offers bulletin inserts, to the churches to help promote Sanctity Sunday and awareness of Choices’ services.

Sanctity Sunday Inserts supports the mission of Choices through:

  • Growing awareness in the community.
  • Strengthening ministry relationships.
  • Raising financial support for Choices. (Some churches choose to do a special offering or the Baby Bottle Blessings program during this time, but not required.)

The inserts serve three purposes:

  1. They are a reminder of how precious each and every life is.
  2. They are a reminder to pray for the ministry of Choices.
  3. They encourage God’s people to volunteer to be a part of this ministry of Life.

Here is how the process works:

  1. Contact us here to let us know you would like to be a *Church Connection for Sanctity Sunday.
  2. Set a specific Sunday to hand these inserts out. We recommend meeting with the pastor first (if applicable) to coordinate and set the date. (Although the 3rd Sunday in January is set aside, you can utilize these inserts at any time.)
  3. Distribute the inserts, which typically involves putting it in the church bulletin, laying them on the seats or handing them out at the door. You might also make an announcement from the stage, set-aside time in the service to pray, or possibly take up an offering for Choices.
  4.  We are also happy to send a representative to speak to your congregation or group, if appropriate.

If you are interested in learning how your church or group can get involved in Sanctity Sunday, contact us HERE.



** A Church Connection is the person who serves as a contact/connection person between the church and Choices.