What is Baby Bottle Blessings?

Choices’ Baby Bottle Blessings (BBB) is a unique event allowing us to partner with local churches to support the mission of Choices Pregnancy & Health. Through a Baby Bottle Blessings campaign, you can share with your group about the work that Choices is doing in the community as you hand out baby bottles for households to take home.

Baby Bottle Blessings (BBB) supports the mission of Choices through:

  • Growing awareness in the community
  • Strengthening ministry relationships
  • Raising financial support for Choices

The bottles serve two purposes:

  1. They are a reminder to pray for the ministry of Choices.
  2. They can be filled with change, bills, or checks to financially support the ministry.* The households then bring the bottles back to the church where the Church Connection** collects them and returns them to Choices.

Many groups and churches choose to launch a campaign on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January or on Mother’s Day in May. However, you can launch a campaign anytime that works for your church. A typical campaign will run for four weeks.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Contact your local center to let us know you would like to be a Church Connection for a Baby Bottle Blessing campaign.
  2. Set the launch date for your Baby Bottle Blessings campaign. We recommend meeting with the pastor first (if applicable) to coordinate and set the date for your campaign.
  3. Distribute the baby bottles, which typically involves things like putting an announcement in the bulletin, making an announcement from the stage, setting up a table for distribution of the baby bottles, or handing out bottles at the door after service.
  4. We are also happy to send a representative to be there for your launch to speak to your congregation or group, if appropriate. 
  5. Collect the baby bottles. Establish a place for members to return filled bottles and remind them to return baby bottles by the due date you select.
  6. Contact us to coordinate returning the bottles to Choices.If you are interested in learning how your church or group can get involved in Baby Bottle Blessings, contact us by calling your local center or submitting an online request HERE. 

** A Church Connection is the person who serves as a contact/connection person between the church and Choices. The Church Connection spearheads the campaign for their church or group.