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Last year, nearly 3 million American women faced one of the most traumatic, life-altering situations imaginable - they had to deal with an unplanned pregnancy!

There are no easy choices when a woman is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. When she comes in, we talk through her options in a safe, confidential and compassionate environment. She needs all the facts before she can decide.
Yes, we do discuss abortion with her.  Most women (90%) have considered abortion because it is marketed as a "quick easy fix" to a bad situation. That is not the truth; most women who choose abortion struggle with it for the rest of their lives.  

We do not provide or refer any client for services that render the endangerment or termination of any human life

We are here - to accept her just as she is, to share the truth in love with her, to show her compassion and offer hope as we support her through her crisis.

Every day, lives are changed through the ministry of Choices Pregnancy & Health. We do not receive any government funding, so we depend on monthly church and individual contributions, and occasional grants. A team of wonderful volunteers provide support in a number of ways to keep our doors open so we can provide excellent service to the women and men who need us!

Even if you go no further on this site, we hope that you will want to be a partner of this life-affirming ministry!

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